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Monster Girl Challenge Day 21: Canine Girl

Aughghgjhg….! Definitely one of my favorite girls so far! And I wasn’t supposed to get attached but OH GOD THESE THINGS HAPPEN I AM SORRY.

She’s a kind of “lone wolf” living in the wild? Except more like “crazy wild dog girl who’s been chased away from everywhere else” girl? She keeps a bit of pelt/bone/fur from each new type of creature she kills. Probably from the same world as my unnamed hedgewitch. In fact, I can kind of see them meeting and generally not getting along.

She kills when she can, just for fun. In the white winter world, blood is kind of like a drug to her. However, she can’t stand the smell of human blood. Maybe it brings back bad memories. Anyway, this doesn’t mean she won’t kill humans; she doesn’t kill humans for the fun of it because the resulting stench just isn’t worth it. 

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