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some random bt stuff I never posted

fran fran

quick frillish gjinka because i can


im coloring but it’s 6 am bye

Also drew Oremette in some sort of vaguely Japanese inspired impractical wizarding robes

I’ve been listening to too much Crit Hit so I chose to draw the Three Big Crits as ladies. aaaand in underwear. because. reasons.

Also let’s talk about intricate-white-lace-tattoo Oremette, heavily-freckled Torqette, and ginger-and-covered-in-scars-from-failed-and-occasionally-successful-experiments Randusette

urgh it looks like POOP but im at least happy with colors. mostly.

oh look an unprompted princess

I cheated and mixed the top two colors for a middle-skin-tone, shhhhhh

Jane Crocker doodle

Does the walker choose the path, or the path the walker?


a doodle of this beautiful boy c: