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I prefer to be called Chris but I just go ahead and tell people to call me Christine irl because I just don’t want to go through explaining it… particularly to people who I’ve known a while who have always called me Christine

The whole crew. WHEW!

I’m reluctant to call this a birthday gift because, let’s face it, my drawings have been 98.7% BT and this would have happened no matter what, but Happy Birthmas to Corny and to all a good day! uwu

Also hahaha Bakemono Kingdoms is abbreviated BK


Me: Oh, hey, another school email
Email: You should totally enter this school engineering competition!
Me: Hmm, that actually seems like something kind of fun to do. Also I'm free at that time. Let's see, what do I gotta do and what do I win?
Email: $250
Me: Sweet! I could use some extra money.
Email: No, $250 to enter! No winning anything, silly.
Email: Support your school!